Gold Plus tempered Safety Glass is suitable for application where greater strength and safety are required.

Tempered glass is being used increasingly in architecture because of its strength and safety properties. It is usually installed in areas where safety glass is required to lessen the possibility of mechanical or thermal breakage and/ or to assure greater uniform load strength. Glass is tempered by taking annealed glass and heating it to its softening point of approximately 660 C. its surface is then rapidly cooled while the inner core is allowed to cool gradually. This results in layers of high compression on the surface counter balancing by high tension at the center resulting in a glass that is four to five times stronger than annealed glass. Should accidental breakage occur, the resulting fragments are small and granular, causing minimum injury.

Impact Resistance

A surface compression of over 10,000 PSI(69MPa) impacts about five times the impact and mechanical strength of annealed glass of the same thickness.

Thermal Cracking

Tempered Safety Glass will resist temperatures of up to approximately 295C. In a range from - 20 C to 300C.


When broken, tempered glass become small granules, which will not exert substantial hurt to human body.

Optical Clarity

Tempered safety glass may contain some minor visual imperfection introduced through heating.

Limitations :

• Premature failure can be caused owing to any field alternation like edge grinding, sand blasting or acid etching. Tempered glass does not permit any cutting or drilling after it has been tempered else it can lead to premature failure.

• During certain lightning conditions, a particular visible strain pattern shows up. This is not a defect but a part of the tempering process. The phenomenon of ‘iridescence’ is a common characteristic in tempered glasses.

&bull ;Spontaneity in breaking, which is a result of impact damage, weld splatter, wind blown debris and internal inclusion, make tempered glass more vulnerable. This vulnerability calls for having an alternative in the foam of heat strengthened glass. Breakage is spontaneous.

• Bow, wrap and/or process roll distortion may evidentially be presents.

• Confirminng to ASTM 1048

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