Gold Plus Acoustic Glass is a perfect solution insuring exceptional levels of sound insulation. It only provides insulation for imoact and airborne noise but also maintains safety, security and other properties of laminated glass.
GOLD PLUS Acoustic Glass can be functional to both commercial and domestic buildings when applied to products such as windows, patio doors, skylights, internal partiotions etc. It can also be incorporated within double glazed units ranging in various thickness, as well as single glazed application from 6.8mm to 13.8mm thickness.

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: 6.8 mm to 12.8 mm
: 332 GP Acoustic Glass, 442 GP Acoustic Glass,
  552 GP Acoustic Glass, 662 GP Acoustic Glass

: 1220mm * 1830mm, 1830mm * 2440mm,
:2140mm * 3050mm, 3210mm * 2250mm
(other special sizes can be produced on request)

: Clear, Milky and Azure
(Other Colours can also be made available)

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