Glass Plus Heat Strengthened Glass is a semi tempered glass which is valued as it retains the normal properties of annealed glass including chemical resistance, hardness expansion and deflection but with the exceptional strength & breakage characteristics.
Gold Plus Heat Strengthened Glass is made by evenly heating float glass to approximately 650°C. The ceramic roller transmits glass at a stable speed to ensure an even temperature and optical performance.

Double Strength

Gold Plus Heat Strengthened Glass wind pressure resistance is at least twice that of annealed glass of the same thickness.

Thermal Cracking

As Heat Strengthened Glass will resist temperature difference of up to approximately 250C. In a range from – 20C to 300C.

Fallout Prevention

As Heat Strengthened glass breaks in a manner similar to that of float glass, the fragments tends to remain in the sashes, having less probability of fallout as compared to tempered glasses.
In compared with tempered glass, heat strengthened glass is not easily broken spontaneously.

Optical Clarity

Heat Strengthened Glass has less distortions than ordinary tempered glass. Gold Plus has the experienced and well trained staff to operate and maintain the state-of-the-art horizontal furnace. The result is constantly high quality glass of the greatest optical clarity.

Limitations :

• Heat Strengthened glass is not a safety glazing material. If the glass is broken, fragments may cause injury like that from ordinary float glass.
It should not be used where safety glazing is required.

• Confirminng to ASTM 1048

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