Gold plus Mirror Unit

Gold plus Mirror is produced by spraying thin layer of aluminum layers of reflective coating onto the glass which is then processed by two layer of
highly resistant protective paint .

The capacity of mirror unit is = 12000 SQM/Day
The Thickness Range of plant = 2 mm to 8 mm
Maximum size = 2440 mm X3660mm

Core competency

Environmental friendly:-

•Copper and lead free.

Increased Durability:-

•Special double coating of paint increase the life of mirror.

Limitless processing possibility:-

• Direct Domestic use.
• Can be customized by sandblasting, Non acidic etching, and completely suitable for processing.
• Edge worked such as beveled, C-edge, Drill, Groove etc.

Packing of Mirror Good

• Use of sticker as a Glass separator.
• Use of polythene to protect from atmospheric attack .
• Pine wood is used for packing.
• Unloading with the help of Robot and manual.
• Use of Air blower to prevent from scratch.

Quality Checkpoint of mirror

At Washing section

• Chipping and cutting issue.
• Flatness of glass.

At Coating Section

• Homogeneity & Thickness of Aluminum coating.
• Pin hole checked after Aluminum coating.
• Homogeneity & Thickness for both the paint coat.

At Unloading table

• 100 % physical inspection before pack.
• 10 sample ever shift has been for taken to teat Cross hatch test, Rub test and Glue test (Both Acidic and Basic glue).

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