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We are the second-largest float glass manufacturer in India with 16% share of manufacturing capacity for float glass in Fiscal 2021. Our integrated operations and focus on value-added glass segment has led us to become one of the leading players in India with 30% market share of sales volume for value-added glass and 15% market share of sales volume for clear glass in Fiscal 2021. Our products cater to a range of end use industries including automotive, construction and industrial sectors, with a variety of applications.


Float Glass

Clear glass

Clear glass, is a transparent glass, which allows passage of light. Clear glass offers little protection from heat, fire, physical and chemical impact, and is typically used across various applications, such as windows, furniture, shelves, partitions, doors, bathroom cubicles, balconies, staircases and the front side of commercial shops. Clear glass is also used as a base for further processing of glass to give it desired functional properties.

Value Added Glass

Value added glass category includes tinted, mirror, reflective, lacquered, frosted and low e-glass. Manufacturing of value added glasses entail value added processes such as inclusion of additives or coating of clear glass

Processed Glass

We own and operate our processing facility in Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh, which is used to produce various processed glass including toughened glass, heat-strengthened glass, ceramic insulated glass, PVB laminated glass, and bullet-resistant glass among others.