Gold Plus Glass

Gold Plus Acousitic Glass

The product, Gold plus acoustic glass is a suitable solution for producing exceptional levels of proper sound insulation. The other products you have in the market does not always make your place totally sound proof. Furthermore, you need to the proper acoustic glass to get a proper sound insulating effect in the closed place. That’s why Gold plus is really careful about the making process of their Acoustic Glass. Furthermore, it can be said that Gold plus Acoustic Glass is the proper and perfect solution for insuring total sound insulation. Although, the product only provide insulation from impacts and airborne noises. But the product also provides great safety. And as it is very thick it provides some level of security too. Acoustic Glass can be used in all kinds of buildings. Like, patio doors, skylights, internal partitions and windows. Also, the product can be customized and be made as a double glazing unit. The double glazed type glass’s thickness ranges in various thicknesses. Also, the single glazed glass acquires a thickness ranging from 6.8mm to 13.8mm.
  • Thickness: 6.8 mm to 12.8 mm
  • Product Code: 332 GP Acoustic Glass, 442 GP Acoustic Glass
  • Product Code: 552 GP Acoustic Glass, 662 GP Acoustic Glass
  • Sizes Available: 1220 mm * 1830 mm, 1830 mm * 2440 mm
  • Sizes Available: 2140 mm * 3050 mm, 3210 mm * 2250 mm

*(We can make special sized product on request.)
*(Different coloured product is also available on client request)