Gold Plus Glass

Gold Plus Bullet Resistance Glass

GOLD PLUS range of bullet Resistant Glasses resist penetration from bullets fired from hand guns, shotguns and rifles according to individual specifications.
All these glasses are multi- laminated, ranging in thickness from 13mm to 60mm. the lamination is constructed in such away that each layer of glass and each interlayer plays a specific role in assisting resistance to the impact of the projectile. The initial layers there are broken by the bullet and become finely granulated at the point of impact there by absorbing initial shock and energy. The subsequent layers absorb the shock waves resulting from the impact and thereby resulting in reduction of the velocity of the bullet and according to design parameters, will either limit or prevent spilling of glass fragments. Even after the attack, barrier protection is maintained and visibility (apart the actual area of impact) remains unaffected.

Bullet proof


Thickness and combination of the bullet resistant Glass will depend on factors like, resistance required against type of weapon, striking velocity, type of ammunition, mass of ammunition and range of fire etc. the different level of protection for which we offer bullet Resistant Glasses, are summarized below. For these levels our plant has the facility to process both curved & Flat Glasses.

Bullet Proof Glass
Rating Ammunition Minimum (FPS) Velocity (M/S)
Level 1
9 mm full metal copper jacket with load core.